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Amaranthus caudatus



With a soft and pleasant flavor and crunchy texture, amaranth is a superfood that has traveled through many generations, being part of the Inca’s diet before and being part of astronauts’ diets, today. Cultivated in the Andean mountains, the knowledge of its nutritious properties has been spreaded through several countries from America, Europe and Asia.

Amaranth’s main feature is its high protein content, which surpasses by far other cereals (18% versus 10-14%). At the same time, it provides a large variety of amino acids to the body, emphasizing lysine; an essential amino acid which involves every protein from our body. Lysine is rarely found in vegetal foods and is very important in the human brain development.

It is also a great calcium source, providing twice the amount given by milk.

People who has a vegetarian or vegan diet.

- Amaranth powder
- Gelatinized amaranth powder