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Lepidium Meyenii



From the Andes of Peru, maca was considered for centuries as a very important food because of its properties as an energizer, its enhancing effect on mental development and its benefits on fertility. Maca owes its high nutritional value to the particularity of the soil in which it grows.

Because it affects the body at a neuronal level, it activates microcirculation, revitalizing the functions of the brain and stimulating memory. It can be consumed by children, young ones, adults and seniors. Recommended for those who are under high amounts of mental and physical stress.

It aids treatments for diseases that affect the nervous system.

- Dried maca whole root
- Maca powder
- Maca powder extract (high nutrient content, easier to digest)
- Gelatinized Maca poder
- Maca poder capsules
- Granulated Maca
- Maca chips
- Maca coffee
- Maca flakes
- Dried Maca slices (high glucosinates content)
- Maca and lúcuma poder mix
- Maca and mesquite poder mix
- Maca and cacao poder mix.