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Smallanthus sonchifolius



With a sweet taste and a crunchy texture, yacon is a juicy root grown in the temperate zones of the Andes. Its flavor runs between apples and carrots and it can be consumed cooked, raw or as a syrup.

Yacon contains fructooligosaccharides (FOS) which cannot be hydrolyzed by the human body and travels through the digestive tract without being metabolized; that’s why there is no sugar absortion by the human body. Yacon is a great source of inulin, perfect for low sugar and calorie diets, commonly prescribed to patients suffering from diabetes. Yacon also supports the digestive system care, regulates intestinal flora and helps preventing diseases like colon cancer. It improves calcium absortion and sintetizes the complex B vitamins.

Low fat and sugar diets (diabetes)

- Yacon powder
- Yacon chips
- Yacon syrup